100 songs of the decade [Top 10]: 4. Cool For The Summer – Demi Lovato

 100 songs of the decade [Top 10]: 4. Cool For The Summer – Demi Lovato

Written by: Demi Lovato, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Alexander Erik Kronlund and Ali Payami
Produced by: Max Martin and Ali Payami
Album: Confident
UK release: August 2015
UK chart peak: 7

Max Martin x Demi Lovato was a situation some of us had spent YEARS yearning for, and when it finally happened… good grief did it happen good.

I’ve spoken already about Heart Attack and Skyscraper in this 100 Songs thing, proving that Demi has been putting out a lot of stellar music this decade. And that’s not even including her other triumphs: Solo! Instruction! Give Your Heart A Break! Really Don’t Care! This song right here is her finest moment, though; a thrashing behemoth that merges the sound of her guitar-heavy first two albums with the more “pure pop”-driven flavour of the third and fourth.

What’s particularly great about CFTS is the way it plays with your expectations of structure just a tiny bit: that gloriously climactic instrumental blast would conventionally come post-chorus on most songs, but here it’s sandwiched between the pre-chorus and the chorus; a quick shot of adrenaline before we get to the “TAKE! ME! DOWN!” refrain. And what a refrain!!! The weird little “tyyy-yyy-yyype!” bit? The power that that has!!

It’s a breathtaking riot, and the final 45-seconds or so – from the end of the middle-8 onwards – is fucking electric: Demi confidently doing vocal acrobatics, the backing vocals doing the “just! some! thing!” stuff, the amazing crunch of the guitary coda… EXQUISITE. This is such an enormous song.

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