100 songs of the decade: Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

 100 songs of the decade: Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Written by: Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins and Kerli Koiv
Produced by: Toby Gad
Album: Unbroken
UK release: February 2012
UK chart peak: 7

Oh I was deeply, DEEPLY invested in Demi’s big comeback in 2011. I first heard of her while I was working in the US in 2008; when Camp Rock was coming out and every single fucking child was singing This Is Me. After then falling in love with the Don’t Forget and Here We Go Again albums, I was so happy when she roared back after a real personal rough patch on this song – which, lest we forget, has Jordin Sparks on backing vocals!

Of course, thanks to her 2017 documentary, we now know that this whole “look at me, I’m better now!!!” era was a lot more complicated than it seemed at the time, but Skyscraper is a prime example of when a great song meets its ideal singer. It would be a great Tobygadballad in the hands of any number of vocalists, but given the Personal Context™ that made it super-appropriate for Demi, it really, really soared. She’s singing the goddamn life out of it!

The UK release was botched as fuck: Skyscraper came out in the summer of 2011 in most territories, but we didn’t get it until the following February, and it wasn’t until it became an X Factor staple in late 2013 that it finally got the Top 10 placement (and, er, Sam Bailey cover) that it deserved.

It’s been a difficult decade for Demi but alongside the lows, she’s truly had some fantastic highs. All I want for her in the next decade is peace and happiness; whatever that entails.

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