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100 Songs of the Decade

I’m fairly confident I’m ~dancing to one of the songs on the list here

What are we even calling this decade? The tens? The teens? In 2009 some madmen were even floating “the tenners” but that was never a thing, right?

In any case, whatever-decade-this-is will soon be over; and to mark it, I’ll be doing the only things I know how to do: be extra, and make a list.

One a day for the last 100 days of the year, I’ll write about my favourite songs from January 2010 to now. They’re in no particular order, except the Top 10 – which will (obviously) come in late December.

Click through the list below for “thorough” “analyses” of the songs covered so far.

You can follow the rolling playlist on Spotify here.

It’s a mixture of tracks that I think are Factually The Best, and tracks that have just come to have ~personal significance~ to me over the years. If, for example, a critically-lauded masterpiece is snubbed in favour of a semi-naff “club” “anthem” that I heard a lot in the summer of ’13, I make NO APOLOGIES.

So – in the words of The Saturdays on their final single What Are You Waiting For? – what are you waiting for?