Top 50 Girlband Singles: Vote now ahead of countdown special on Sunday

 Top 50 Girlband Singles: Vote now ahead of countdown special on Sunday

The ol’ Electric Angels radio station is being dusted off again this Sunday for another countdown show – and this time, we’re looking at the Top 50 girlband singles of all time.

Yes, boybands have given us a lot of top-drawer pop over the years, but anyone who’s anyone knows its the all-female groups who have truly delivered in both musical excellence and pop cultural moments.

So what are the best girlband singles ever? Vote NOW ahead of the Top 50 reveal on Sunday morning, from 9am-12:45ish. Since the vote opened last weekend, it’s already become the biggest countdown survey we’ve ever done (beating Popstars of the Century, Singles of the Year 2020, and Top 50 Britney); and more than 400 different songs have already picked up votes.

You can vote for up to ten tracks in the special sliding-scale points system; and there are no restrictions on eras – you can go way back to the Supremes or the Ronettes; hark back to the 80s with Bananarama or 90s with TLC, Eternal and the Spice Girls; or dive into the 21st Century with Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Destiny’s Child, Little Mix and countless others. It’s all up to you!

VOTE HERE (closes midday Saturday).

Sunday’s show will be in support of Women’s Aid, who support women and children nationwide who have been affected by domestic violence. You can get ahead of the game and donate now if you like – do so here.

Vote wisely! You’ll be able to listen to the show here on Sunday morning.

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Shaun Kitchener

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