Popstars of the Century: Lady Gaga beats Britney, Kylie and Beyoncé

 Popstars of the Century: Lady Gaga beats Britney, Kylie and Beyoncé

Lady Gaga has been voted Popstar of the Century by you lot.

Enormothanks to everyone who voted in the (lengthy!) survey and tuned in to the countdown on the airwaves this morning: just shy of 200 voters were logged altogether, and this morning’s broadcast was the most listened-to show in Electric Angels history – in terms of total stream hits (almost 1,000!), unique devices and the minute-to-minute peak. Stunning!

For the uninitiated, the first section of the survey asked voters to pick their ultimate five hitmakers, who would all receive five points each. Then, in the second section, voters could give 1, 2 or 3 points to whoever else they damn well liked.

Gaga’s win was very narrow: she beat Britney Spears by just nine points; having triumphed in the first section but finished fourth in the second. Britney came second in both, and second overall.

Kylie Minogue – who finished third overall – picked up the most points in the second section, but came fourth in the first. MAKE SENSE???! The Top 5 was rounded-off by Girls Aloud and Beyoncé.

Further down, Ariana Grande beat Carly Rae Jepsen into the Top 10 by just one point; Spice Girls made it (just) into the Top 20 despite doing most of their heavy-lifting in the previous century, and Years & Years were the only all-male act in the Top 40: they polled 35th.

The Top 10 was as follows:
01. Lady Gaga (627 points)
02. Britney Spears (618)
03. Kylie Minogue (575)
04. Girls Aloud (535)
05. Beyoncé (503)
06. Rihanna (467)
07. Little Mix (459)
08. Steps (411)
09. Madonna (409)
10. Ariana Grande (389)

You can see the full, extremely data-heavy breakdown of the voting – which saw a total of 521 artists nominated – here.

And a Spotify playlist of the Top 100 can be found here:

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