Join us for the next Breakfast Bops special on Electric Angels’ radio station: the Top 50 Kylie Minogue countdown on Sunday, 18 April!

Join Shaun Kitchener (hiya) when the show starts at 9am for some general morning pop; then the countdown runs from 9:30am until we reach the No1 at 1:00ish.

Use the below player to listen live, and tweet along @_ElectricAngels and/or #Top50Kylie.

If you can’t see the player, or you’re having trouble with it, or the website’s being a little slow, you can access a direct stream here.

You can also use the free Simple Radio app for iOS or Android, or listen via Alexa if you click here to enable the Command!

The show is in support of Stonewall – please donate to our fundraiser if you can.

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EVERY SONG!: All the songs we played on #BreakfastBops during the 10-week run in Lockdown 1.0 that are available on streaming services can be heard on the Spotify playlist here. There’s also an Apple Music version here thanks to the very kind Martin.