Electric Angels is hitting the airwaves in this… altogether now!… unprecedented time. Join Shaun Kitchener for Breakfast Bops, 9-11am every morning from Monday to Thursday, and William Kitchener for Friday Funks at the same time on, er, Fridays.

Listen below, and – if you’re having trouble with the stream on this website – you can use the free Radio FM app for iOS or Android, or you can access a direct stream here. You can also now listen via Alexa if you click here!

Your regular Breakfast Bops will boast:

✨ RELENTLESS POP: Divine bops and bangers throughout
✨ FUN AND/OR GAMES: Band Romance! Random charts! Anagrams!
✨ ~GOOD ~CHAT: Free of C***D-19
✨ WHITNEY HOUS-TEN: A Whitney classic at 10am, every show
✨ INTERNATIONAL HAMTHEM: Every show, please be upstanding and put your hand on your heart for an extremely dramatic power ballad.
✨ + loads more

PLUS!! Tune in on Fridays, 9-11am, for Friday Funks with William Kitchener. Two hours of soulful, shuffle-along-able grooves to round off the week.

Listen live in the player above, or download the free Radio FM app for iOS from the App Store, or from the Google Play app store if you’re an Android fan.

EVERY SONG SO FAR: All the songs played on #BreakfastBops that are available on streaming services can be heard on the playlist here.