The chart position and sales figures for United Kingdolls’ UK Hun? are in

 The chart position and sales figures for United Kingdolls’ UK Hun? are in

Well, it’s happened, so sound the bing bang bongs: Drag Race UK‘s United Kingdolls have entered the official UK singles chart tonight at No27, after a week of strong sales and streams.

UK Hun? was showing at No25 on Monday’s midweek update, and – impressively, considering we’re now a week on from the initial excitement of the episode – it only saw its momentum drop a tiny bit as the days ticked by.

In the end it finishes only two spots behind the new single from Dua Lipa, as We’re Good debuts at No25; and it outsells fellow newcomers such as Rita Ora, Imanbek, David Guetta and Gunna‘s Big (No53) and P!nk and Willow Sage Hart‘s Cover Me In Sunshine (No60). See the whole chart here.

(Sidenote: I wonder if the tabloids will have a field day with that Rita position, given how much they creamed themselves over Cheryl hitting No19 in 2018. Worth noting that No53 is actually an improvement on the week one showing for her last single How To Be Lonely, which debuted at No57 last year before spending another six weeks in the Top 100).

UK Hun? obviously got most of its success from sales rather than streams; and it’s No2 on the sales-only chart, behind only that sea shanty man.

If you want more chart nerdisms: the bop has outpaced the season one cast’s Break Up Bye Bye in terms of peak position: that song reached No35 in late 2019, thanks mainly to the Frock Destroyers (it’s credited as being from the whole cast, though).

However, Break Up Bye Bye did achieve sliiiightly higher sales: it had 12,776 in its first week, compared to 11,937 for UK Hun?.

And while we’re here, Bananadrama’s Tia Kofi has released her own song today, co-written impressively by Tom Aspaul and Little Boots – so I guess we can call her the Javine of the situation. Hear that, and this week’s other exciting new releases, here.

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