Top 40 Little Mix: Sweet Melody wins, LM5 era dominates

 Top 40 Little Mix: Sweet Melody wins, LM5 era dominates

The latest megasurvey is done and dusted – and the Top 40 Little Mix poll has resulted in Sweet Melody being crowned the iconique group’s best song.

The 2020 banger – which hit No1 in the UK back in January and of course famously invented the word ‘anyway’ – beat Touch (2nd) and Move (3rd) to take the top spot, based on votes from almost 500 respondents.

Participants (who were, let’s be honest, mostly made up of Twitter Gays and dedicated Mixers) could vote for up to ten songs each; of which one could receive 3pts, up to three could receive 2pts, and up to six could receive 1pt. A huge 73% of voters gave points to Sweet Melody, with around one in five giving it the full 3pts. It racked up 705pts overall, comfortably ahead of Touch’s 513.

The track was one of six entries in the Top 40 from the Confetti album, making that the fourth most fruitful era overall. Ahead of it, Glory Days and Get Weird accounted for seven songs apiece; but the most popular era was LM5, sending a hefty nine tracks into the rundown.

Of the other albums, four songs in the Top 40 were from Between Us, three were from Salute and two from DNA. Two (Heartbreak Anthem and Only You) were technically era-less.

Also, this is the first time in the history of our polls that a non-single has made it into the Top 5; thanks to Wasabi at 5. Album tracks had a great run in general (Secret Love Song Pt2 and Happiness also made the Top 10), at the expense of a handful of singles that ended up being frozen out of the Top 40: Bounce Back (43), Little Me (45), Change Your Life (46) and How Ya Doin’ (49) had the nearest-misses, while the least popular official single was One I’ve Been Missing at No102.

The Top 40 in full:

  1. Sweet Melody
  2. Touch
  3. Move
  4. Power
  5. Wasabi
  6. No More Sad Songs
  7. Secret Love Song Pt2
  8. Break Up Song
  9. Happiness
  10. Salute
  11. DNA
  12. Shout Out To My Ex
  13. Love Me Or Leave Me
  14. Monster In Me
  15. Heartbreak Anthem
  16. Between Us
  17. Love Me Like You
  18. Think About Us
  19. Confetti
  20. Black Magic
  21. Wings
  22. The Cure
  23. Cut You Off
  24. No
  25. Secret Love Song
  26. Forget You Not
  27. Holiday
  28. Woman Like Me
  29. Joan of Arc
  30. Lightning
  31. Only You
  32. Woman’s World
  33. Your Love
  34. Reggaeton Lento (Remix)
  35. Towers
  36. Hair
  37. Nothing Else Matters
  38. Love (Sweet Love)
  39. A Mess (Happy 4 U)
  40. Strip

Beyond the Top 40, a total of 107 songs received points. Only Get Weird’s coda The Beginning and Une autre personne (a collab with Tal) failed to score.

You can see the full voting breakdown HERE and get the Top 40 playlist HERE.

What a discography, what a girlband.

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