The (very) early bookies’ fave for Eurovision 2021 is…

 The (very) early bookies’ fave for Eurovision 2021 is…

Out of sheer boredom on this fine Sunday, I have taken a look at the bookies’ odds as they currently stand for Eurovision 2021.

It’s a ridiculous thing to do, of course!! At this stage of proceedings, only 23 of the 41 competing nations have decided which artist to send; and only one song has been fully selected and publicly unveiled (Anxhela Peristeri’s Karma, which will represent Albania).

Still, betting outlet SBK has installed Bulgaria’s Victoria as the early one to beat.

You may remember that she was supposed to compete last year, with the song Tears Getting Sober – which has just shy of 3 million streams on Spotify. Her song for this year won’t be revealed for another couple of months, but SBK have her odds at a ludicrously complicated 44/5 (or 8.8/1).

That’s a hairline ahead of Iceland’s Daði Freyr, who currently has 9/1 odds. Think About Things is generally treated as the de-facto winner of last year’s cancelled run (among its many achievements, it’s the only Eurovision song in the last half a decade to impact the UK Top 40), but it’s a clean slate in 2k21, and a just-as-effective bop will be needed to recreate the same momentum.

Sweden are on 19/2 (or 9.5/1) with Melfest yet to properly kick off; Russia are on 11/1 (no artist confirmed yet), and in fifth are a tied Italy and Norway, both on 13/1. The former will not announce its competitor until March 6, and the latter’s selection process – Melodi Grand Prix – has just got under way this weekend.

So in short, the odds mean basically nothing at this point and this whole endeavour is essentially moot, but FWIW, you can head over to Oddschecker to see the full ranking if you so choose.

Shaun Kitchener

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