Playlisted 2020, week 26: Jessie Ware’s not the only one delivering

 Playlisted 2020, week 26: Jessie Ware’s not the only one delivering

That brilliant new Jessie Ware album is rightly taking up a lot of earspace this weekend, but away from that (and the also-decent Haim album!) are a handful of great new tracks.

As ever, I’m only including singles in these posts, so nothing from Jessie here – but this stuff is all worth a few moments of your time too.

As ever, it’s all being added to the rolling 2020 playlist here.

Grace Davies – Just A Girl: A couple of months after the beautifully restrained Amsterdam, Grace completes the four-track Friends With The Tragic EP by proving she can ace a full-pelt enormotune as well. Just A Girl is a nifty empowerment bop with a stadium-sized, chant-a-long chorus and impressive vocals; completing a flawless six months of output from one of pop’s most promising talents. Check out the whole EP here.

Tom Aspaul – Tender: What better time than Pride Weekend for a smattering of GAY DEVASTATION? Tender is another gorgeous little up-in-the-feelings tune from one of the country’s best queer artists; its vulnerable lyrics juxtaposed perfectly with waft-a-long production.

Becky Hill with Sigala – Heaven On My Mind: This is a bit ‘most other Becky Hill floorfillers’ on first listen, but – just like most other Becky Hill floorfillers tbqh!! – it gradually reveals itself as an irresistible banger the more you listen to it. This’ll be another good one for the running playlist.

The Shapeshifters feat. Billy Porter – Finally Ready: 16 years on from Lola’s Theme, The Shapeshifters are here now with God-tier hero Billy Porter for a sparkly-as-hell disco gem. Gay rights!!!

Natasha Bedingfield – Together In This: Firstly, can you BELIEVE it’s already been a year since Natasha’s comeback album?! Together In This arrives in aid of kids’ film Jungle Beat – and, much like that Marina movie song earlier this year – it doesn’t do anything particularly new or exciting, but it does provide a lovely little way to spend three minutes, and to be completely honest I will probably be revisiting it for a nice little pick-me-up.

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