Playlisted 2020, week 6: In which Carly, PCD, Marina et al are all trumped by 5SOS

 Playlisted 2020, week 6: In which Carly, PCD, Marina et al are all trumped by 5SOS

Eight days into February and it’s already blasting by much quicker than January, huh?

A lot of big names released new material this week, and I’ve picked out seven above-average songs to be added to the rolling 2020 playlist. Anne-Marie and Niall nearly made the cut, but – to be frank! – I couldn’t be arsed to write about nine. Follow said playlist here, or at the bottom of the post.

No Shame – 5 Seconds of Summer

I’ve been saying for a while that 5SOS have been quietly, underappreciatedly (is that a word?) amazing for a few years now; the Youngblood era in particular marking a big turning point. While it was disappointing to see Easier get largely slept-on in 2019, hopefully No Shame will send them back to the correct end of the charts.

I’m ADDICTED to the chorus on this narcissismbanger (“Got no shame / I love the way you’re screaming my name”), which seems to reference the ways we ~perform ‘irl’ and on social media for attention and validation. Song of the week? You betcha.

Come Over – Dagny

After we all re-remembered how incredible Love You Like That was last year (thanks, Katy Perry!!), Dagny is properly back with a new uplifting, glittery electrobop. I was wondering what it reminded me of, until Popjustice’s NMF round-up pointed out that it’s Mine Right Now by Sigrid. That song wasn’t quite a hit, so maybe this one can be instead?!

React – Pussycat Dolls

400 years after being ‘teased’ on The X Factor, PCD finally release the finished cut of React – which doesn’t quite slap as hard as it perhaps could (a little money note from Nicole at the end wouldn’t have gone amiss), but it’s still addictive enough to keep me listening and re-listening and re-listening on a continual loop. Ashley, Kimberly, Carmit and Jessica are, of course, barely on the record at all (in fact the only difference I can notice between this and the leaked demo is the addition of their quiet backing vocals), but Business As Usual is a wise strategy for the first single – and that video? WHEW!!

About Love – MARINA

OK so this sounds a lot like it was made for a specific brief (in this case, ‘cute love song for Netflix teen film’), with the likes of Never Really Over as its inspiration. But!!! Even with that in mind, I find this really lovely, and actually a nice Marina palate-cleanser after last year’s very good but heavy-going Love And Fear album. Her voice is still one of my favourite things in music, and this is pleasant enough to tide me over.

Let’s Be Friends – Carly Rae Jepsen

This isn’t the start of a new album campaign, is it? It’s just a one-off special lil’ something? You know what, I dismissed Let’s Be Friends out of hand the first time I heard it yesterday, but 24 hours later it’s growing on me a tiny bit. It would sound good over the opening titles of a low-key romantic comedy; over shots of New York City first thing in the morning, you know? The spoken bit in the middle is a quirky little touch, the chorus is nice and easy… it’s unchallenging, fine-for-now pop, like 80% of The Saturdays’ discography. It’ll do!

All Of My Love – RAYE and Young Adz

I’m getting VERY FRUSTRATED with the fact that neither of RAYE’s 10/10 sadpop masterpieces from 2019 did the business commercially: Please Don’t Touch in particular is two months old now, and I’m sad that it hasn’t completely taken over the goddamn world. All Of My Love is great too; an extremely likeable, effortlessly slick midtempo jam that’s not quite an ASSAULT ON THE EMOTIONS like Love Me Again and PDT, but a very worthy addition to the RAYE discography. Stunning artwork, too.

People, I’ve Been Sad – Christine and the Queens

Oh here she is! We’re coming up for two years since the excellent Chris era so it’s about time Christine and the Queens launched their next phase: People, I’ve Been Sad is one of those songs I can recognise as objectively good, but it hasn’t quite hit me in the heart just yet. The “you know the feeling” bits are divine, though, and I love the incorporation of both French and English. I’m extremely excited to see where Chris takes us this year.

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