100 songs of the decade: Your Love – Nicole Scherzinger

 100 songs of the decade: Your Love – Nicole Scherzinger

Written by: Terius “The-Dream” Nash and C “Tricky” Stewart
Produced by: Godz of Analog, C. “Tricky” Stewart, Terius “The-Dream” Nash and Bart Schoudel
Album: Big Fat Lie
UK release: May 2014
UK chart peak: 6

In the midweek charts when this was released, it was a HAIRLINE behind Rixton in the race to Number One. By the end of that week, readers, it was number six. SIX!!!! The scandal!!

Even though the UK is one of the few territories in which Nicole Scherzinger found solid success as a solo artist, we still haven’t given her nearly enough. Your Love is a summer banger of epic proportions; boasting one of the best outros of the whole decade, the best reference to Mike “Michael” Tyson in a song lyric, and the most irritatingly catchy chorus behind only Call Me Maybe.

You know, thinking about it, I’m not sure I ever did hear this in a club setting, and frankly I am appalled.

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