100 songs of the decade: Something New – Girls Aloud

 100 songs of the decade: Something New – Girls Aloud

Written by: Brian Higgins, Wayne Hector, Tim Deal, Matt Gray, Carla Marie Williams, Tove Lo, Nicola Roberts, Florrie Arnold
Produced by: Brian Higgins
Album: Ten
UK release: November 2012
UK chart peak: 2

“GO GIRLS G-G-GO GO GO!” After a few years on hiatus, Christ it was so good to hear Girls Aloud return with something as big as Something New; a floor-filling dance-pop stormer from the same tree as Something Kinda Oooh and Tangled Up.

As exciting as it was at the time, not all of it sounds amazing in retrospect: the lyrics in a couple of the verses are a bit naff (even when you accept that a lot of GA’s work doesn’t really make a lot of sense, words-wise), and the harmonies Nicola added to the choruses in TV performances would have been ace on record, too.

But! How lucky we were to have one of our favourite bands go on “a break” and then actually return! A privilege that One Direction, The Wanted and Fifth Harmony stans would kill for!

Would On The Metro or Every Now And Then have been a better lead single from Ten? Honestly, I’m not convinced they would have been. I mean they’d certainly have been better follow-ups than Beautiful ‘Cause You fucking Love Me, but I actually wouldn’t change this. It’s a huge adrenaline rush of a pop song, and – in its unconventional structure, its fiery attitude, and the sheer Nadine of it all – it’s quintessential Girls Aloud.

And WHO KNEW Tove Lo had a writing credit on it?!

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