100 songs of the decade: Never Really Over – Katy Perry

 100 songs of the decade: Never Really Over – Katy Perry

Written by: Katy Perry, Dagny Sandvik, Michelle Buzz, Jason Gill, Gino Barletta, Hayley Warner, Anton Zaslavski, Leah Haywood and Daniel James
Produced by: Zedd and Dreamlab
Album: –
UK release: May 2019
UK chart peak: 12

Feels weird including songs from the last few months on a best-of-the-last-10-years list, but 2019 is as much a part of the decade as anything else, and Never Really Over – Katy Perry‘s best song for a good few years – has been in my ears a lot since its release in May.

Taking heavy inspiration from Dagny’s similarly excellent Love You Like That, it’s a really effective piece of heartfelt pop; the kind that Katy has strong prior form with. And the amount of different uses she finds for the word “over”? Inspired!!

After the damp mess of the Witness era, this is exactly what I needed from a KP hit in 2019: a big chorus, production that sounds ~current without being too trend-chasing… and that incredibly satisfying sound of her flipping in and out of her head voice. That this never quite made it into the Top 10 is infuriating.

  • I’ll be writing about my favourite 100 pop songs of the decade; one a day for the last 100 days of 2019. They’re in no particular order, except the Top 10 – which will (obviously) come in late December.
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