100 songs of the decade: Moments – Tove Lo

 100 songs of the decade: Moments – Tove Lo

Written by: Tove Lo
Produced by: Mattman & Robin
Album: Queen of the Clouds
UK release: October 2015
UK chart peak: Did not chart

I first became aware of Tove Lo – as I think many people did – when the Hippie Sabotage remix of Habits (Stay High) came out. But it was the songs that followed in 2015 that made me a super-fan; first the excellent sexbop Talking Body and then this almighty angstbanger.

This song checks off so many of my absolute favourite things in music: layered vocals, midtempo production, VOLUME, achingly powerful lyrics, a spectacular video…

Such is the quality of the Tove Lo discography that I genuinely don’t know if Moments is my absolute fave song of hers (it’s between this and one other, TO FOLLOW) but goodness fuck, it’s amazing. I just played it for the first time in a few months and WHEW it still! goes! there!

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