100 songs of the decade: Higher – The Saturdays

 100 songs of the decade: Higher – The Saturdays

Written by: Arnthor Birgisson and Ina Wroldsen
Produced by: Arnthor Birgisson
Album: Headlines
UK release: October 2010
UK chart peak: 10

When Higher came out as a single, Flo Rida – who had, at that point, been making a habit of pipping The Saturdays to No1 – added a guest rap to the middle-8 and a sort of roll-call to the intro. The fact he ended the latter with “What you doing Saturday, girl?”, thus leading SEAMLESSLY into Vanessa’s first line “I’m doing nothing”, should have earned it AT LEAST a month at Number One.

Higher is a big, breezy, glistening pop behemoth. Flo Rida’s appearance does cruelly rob us of that big (if overly vocoder-ridden) Una moment from the original version, but it does add box-office appeal to a song that still stands up as one of the best parts of the group’s discography. A discography which – if we’re being completely honest!! – felt a bit sub-Girls-Aloud at the time, but is ageing pretty damn well.

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