100 songs of the decade: Fake Happy – Paramore

 100 songs of the decade: Fake Happy – Paramore

Written by: Hayley Williams and Taylor York
Produced by: Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Taylor York
Album: After Laughter
UK release: May 2017
UK chart peak:

I loved the big hits like Still Into You and The Only Exception but After Laughter was the first Paramore era I was completely, fully invested in; and Fake Happy was by far my favourite track from it.

Exploring the day-to-day slog of collective misery, this hands-aloft depressionbanger packs one hell of a chorus; and its sheer catchiness (those “baba-baba-ba-ba”s are lethal) puts a clever twist on gloomy subject matter. Hayley’s vocal delivery is spot-on too, and I just LOVE the video.

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