100 songs of the decade: Body Talk – Foxes

 100 songs of the decade: Body Talk – Foxes

Written by: Louisa Allen, Jim Eliot and Andy White
Produced by: Jim Eliot
Album: All I Need
UK release: July 2015
UK chart peak: 25

I remember this was about the time when we were starting to realise that a strong performance on iTunes just wasn’t going to cut it anymore; and when Body Talk missed out on a spot in the Top 10… nay, the Top 20… because its streaming numbers weren’t up to scratch, I was ready to fucking riot.

Foxes is among the most underrated popstars of the decade, despite her prominence as backing music for talent show VTs; and the likes of Youth, Better Love, Amazing, Cruel and that huge Zedd collab Clarity are all solid gold classics. That she only has one visit to the UK Top 10 under her belt is a NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT.

With its heartbroken fake-it-till-you-make-it lyrics, cool guitars and light synthpop backing, the absolutely sublime Body Talk is the jewel in her crown, and came very, very close to making my overall Top 10. The way it manages to get such a gut reaction from me without any big bells-and-whistles trickery is sheer witchcraft (I think it’s those gorgeous low-key harmonies over the final chorus). Stunning.

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