Top 50 Girlband Singles: Girls Aloud triumph with Call The Shots

 Top 50 Girlband Singles: Girls Aloud triumph with Call The Shots

Girls Aloud‘s Call The Shots has been named the greatest ever girlband single in Electric Angels’ latest super-survey; with the band accounting for a massive nine tracks inside the Top 50.

The song – which was the second single from their 2007 album Tangled Up – narrowly beat All Saints‘ 2000 chart-topper Pure Shores into second place; while Little Mix took bronze with Sweet Melody. They outpeaked the Spice Girls, whose best position was No4 for Say You’ll Be There.

The list was compiled by the votes of 475 pop connoisseurs; with each voter able to support up to ten songs – giving 3pts to their absolute favourite, 2pts to another three, and 1pt to another six. The survey comes a month after Stronger was voted the best Britney Spears song in a similar fashion.

Girls Aloud’s nine entries put them ahead of the Spice Girls with eight; while Sugababes had six, Little Mix five, The Saturdays four, and All Saints and Destiny’s Child had three apiece. TLC popped up twice, while there was one entry each for Fifth Harmony, Atomic Kitten, En Vogue, Eternal, GRL, The Pussycat Dolls, Mis-Teeq, B*Witched, Neon Jungle and The 411. The oldest song to make the cut was TLC’s 1995 favourite Waterfalls, although the 1960 gem Will You Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles came close – finishing at No59.

Miranda Cooper, who wrote Call The Shots and also wrote or co-wrote the vast majority of Girls Aloud’s other non-cover output, said the winning song “always felt special”. Scroll down for more from her – but for now, here’s that Top 50 in full:

  1. Girls Aloud – Call The Shots
  2. All Saints – Pure Shores
  3. Little Mix – Sweet Melody
  4. Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There
  5. Little Mix – Touch
  6. Girls Aloud – Biology
  7. Spice Girls – Viva Forever
  8. Girls Aloud – Sound of the Underground
  9. Sugababes – Freak Like Me
  10. The Saturdays – All Fired Up
  11. Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life
  12. Spice Girls – Wannabe
  13. TLC – No Scrubs
  14. Sugababes – About You Now
  15. Girls Aloud – Sexy No No No
  16. Destiny’s Child – Say My Name
  17. The Saturdays ft Flo Rida – Higher
  18. Girls Aloud – Something New
  19. Sugababes – Push the Button
  20. Girls Aloud – Untouchable
  21. The Saturdays – Ego
  22. Girls Aloud – Something Kinda Oooh
  23. Girls Aloud – The Promise
  24. All Saints – Black Coffee
  25. Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex
  26. Destiny’s Child – Lose My Breath
  27. All Saints – Never Ever
  28. Sugababes – Overload
  29. Sugababes – Too Lost in You
  30. Eternal ft Bebe Winans – I Wanna Be The Only One
  31. Spice Girls – Stop
  32. GRL – Ugly Heart
  33. Girls Aloud – The Show
  34. Spice Girls – 2 Become 1
  35. The Saturdays – Up
  36. Sugababes – Round Round
  37. Spice Girls – Who Do You Think You Are?
  38. Fifth Harmony ft Ty Dolla $ign – Work from Home
  39. Little Mix – Move
  40. Destiny’s Child – Survivor
  41. TLC – Waterfalls
  42. Atomic Kitten – Whole Again
  43. Pussycat Dolls ft Snoop Dogg – Buttons
  44. Mis Teeq – Scandalous
  45. Spice Girls – Holler
  46. En Vogue – Don’t Let Go (Love)
  47. B*Witched – Blame It On The Weatherman
  48. Neon Jungle – Braveheart
  49. Little Mix – Power
  50. The 411 – Dumb

More than 400 songs ended up on the scoreboard – you can see the full voting breakdown here. And the obligatory Spotify playlist? Right here.

This survey was all in support of Women’s Aid, who work nationwide with those affected by domestic violence. Donate here.

Of Call The Shots’ inception, Miranda recalled: “We actually wrote the chorus in Paris two years before the girls sang it.

“It was around the time we were doing their first Greatest Hits, and we ended up doing Something Kinda Ooooh [instead], which summed up where they were at so far. And then, however long it was, two years later, we dug it out again and just knew it was really special. We felt like they had to be emotionally mature enough to sing it, or to have had enough life experience, I guess, which they all did by then.

“So we finished it off in LA, it’s quite a global record. And I remember writing the lyrics… I was going through a difficult break-up myself, so I was writing it in my hotel room quite late at night.

“Nadine sang it first, then the other girls sang on it, and we were just immediately like, ‘yep, this just feels really great’. And it felt a little more timeless than some of the other ones, and more classic.

“But they just totally did an amazing job. Like I say, we were used to doing things that really pushed the envelope, and this felt like a really good pop song.”

She added: “It was the second single off Tangled Up, the first one was Sexy No No No… everyone was like, ‘where do they go after Sexy No No No?’, and coming out with something like that… I wanted it [Call The Shots] to be the first single, but it was great because that video for Sexy No No No really set them up, they had the fashion moment, it was a real step forward in their videos. And then being able to follow it up with this song…

“It always felt special. I’m really glad people have gone for that! It makes me very happy.”

Read the full interview with Miranda here.

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