Top 40 Little Mix: VOTE NOW in next radio countdown poll

 Top 40 Little Mix: VOTE NOW in next radio countdown poll

As they mark their milestone 10th anniversary, what are Little Mix‘s best ever songs?

They’ve put out six stellar studio albums, scored over 30 hit singles, and have countless fan-fave deep cuts. But what are their absolute mightiest tracks? Their very sweetest melodies? Over to you…

We’ve done Britney, Kylie, solo Spice Girls and Girlband Hits – but on Sunday 21 November, Electric Angels returns to the digital airwaves to count down the Top 40 Little Mix songs, as voted for by yourselves. The vote will close at midday (UK) on Saturday 20 October, so don’t miss the cut-off.


Singles and album tracks are eligible, as are collaborations. Unreleased/leaked tracks and demos are not, and nor are remixes – if you vote for a remix, it’ll be counted as a vote for the ‘main’ canon version (though I reserve the right to count the Christmas Mix of Love Me Like You as the canon one, sorry not sorry). Performances on X Factor might have been available on iTunes back in the day but I’m gonna rule those out and say they’re not eligible; and nor – before any of you get smart – is Jesy’s Boyz.

You can vote for up to ten tracks: one song to give a full 3pts to, up to three more to give 2pts each to, and up to six more to give 1pt each to. You don’t have to fill all ten spaces on the form, but you can’t vote for the same song more than once.

Tune in from 10am-1pm(ish) on Sunday 21, as we plough through the results Info here.

Vote wisely…

Shaun Kitchener

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