We could well be hearing from the Spice Girls this year

 We could well be hearing from the Spice Girls this year

Melanie C has said that figuring out how to mark the Spice Girls‘ 25th anniversary is “high on the agenda” for the band at the moment.

July will mark a quarter of a century since Wannabe was released; kickstarting a global phenomenon that burned fast and hot, creating five legitimate pop culture icons.

Speaking on the Pop Shop Podcast, the artist occasionally known as Sporty Spice implied that live shows would probably be in the pipeline if there wasn’t, y’know, a global pandemic to contend with.

“It’s high on the agenda for us girls,” she said.

“I mean, since we did the tour in 2019, I have just been like, ‘more shows, more shows!’ And, you know, obviously that isn’t something that’s gonna happen this year, sadly. So, again, a big old rethink.”

She added: “We are working on some ideas. I can’t give too much away… but we definitely wanna celebrate and really acknowledge 25 years.

“It’s insane. We’re so proud of our legacy. So we do want to celebrate it in the best way that we can.”

Anyone thinking that she might be hinting towards new music can probably count that out – as she also said elsewhere on the podcast (via NME) that they quite rightly feel “very nervous” around that idea.

In the meantime, Melanie C’s own latest solo album is fucking great.

Shaun Kitchener


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