Rita Ora will drop an all-star single and EP with Imanbek next week

 Rita Ora will drop an all-star single and EP with Imanbek next week

Rita Ora and Imanbek have announced plans to drop a joint EP next week; trailed by a lead single on the same day.

In the words of Sarah Harding, IT’S ABOUT TIIIIIIME.

Their new four-track venture, Bang (I can only assume it’s named after the best-ever Desperate Housewives episode), will come out on February 12; led by the song Big – which also features Gunna and David Guetta.

Rita said in a statement: “When we started this project, we were really looking to develop creative connections with other artists.

“Collaborating with Imanbek was a really unique experience, we had meetings through Zoom to discuss the music and we had to use translators as well as, so we really had to adapt to a new way of recording.

“It’s amazing how much technology allowed our connection to shine through. Music truly is a universal language, and this EP is proof that creative process has the power to transcend any obstacle that separates us.”

Bang is said to incorporate modern pop, 80s and 90s club influences, and a little bit of house.

“This was a globally collaborative project including some of my favourite artists and producers,” Imanbek said.

“It was really fun to work with on the project in such a creative way. The project brought us together not only creatively but personally and that was a great experience.”

The songs on offer on the EP are Big, Bang Bang, Mood featuring KHEA, and The One.

Rita’s last single was How To Be Lonely, released just as the world started going to shite last spring.

She currently ties the record for the British solo female with the most Top 10 singles (13 – same as Jess Glynne).

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