Prepare for ‘dancefloor transcendence’ on the new Years & Years album

 Prepare for ‘dancefloor transcendence’ on the new Years & Years album

Years & Years‘ upcoming third album will be extremely danceable and extremely buoyant, according to Olly Alexander. Sign me the hell up!!

The outfit released their last set Palo Santo back in 2018; peaking at No3 and achieving a huge aggregated score of 81 on Metacritic.

A follow-up was ready to go last year – but it seems the pandemic sparked a massive rethink.

Speaking on the eve of his appearance in Russell T Davies’ new drama It’s A Sin, Olly told NME: “The pandemic happened and I went back to square one and just wanted to make a lot of upbeat, euphoric dance tunes.

“That’s what I’ve been focused on the majority of 2020 doing. Definitely the show had an impact on that.

“Although I don’t think it’s going to sound ’80s, I’m trying to channel that energy and dancefloor transcendence.”

I am very, very much up for this. In the meantime let’s enjoy this song, which should have been No1 for eighty months:

Shaun Kitchener

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