Playlisted 2020, weeks 19 and 20: A whistle-stop catch-up situation

 Playlisted 2020, weeks 19 and 20: A whistle-stop catch-up situation

Right, well, I won’t pretend I just couldn’t be arsed to do a round-up last weekend, even though there actually was a lot of good stuff out! So instead, here’s a very quick whistle-stop guide to everything I’ve added to my rolling 2020 playlist over the last fortnight.

Starting with the new stuff from last week:

Save A Kiss – Jessie Ware: Jessie’s been on fire for the entirety of her current ‘campaign’ but Save A Kiss is my favourite yet. Truly excited for her album in a few weeks.

My Phone Is Trying To Kill Me – The Aces: From another album I’m exceptionally keen to have in me ears, The Aces’ latest is another punchy, well-written piece of guitar-pop that most of you are absolutely going to sleep on.

Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor – Aly and AJ: A title! A bop!!!

Cliché – Torine: Torine released a track called Make U Cry earlier this year which, no lie, will likely end 2020 as one of my top-tier faves. Cliché isn’t quite as good, but it certainly continues to mark her out as ~one ~to ~watch.

Nothing Left But Family – Rebecca Ferguson feat. Nile Rodgers: This was very quietly released without much fuss at all, which is a shame because it’s vintage R-Fergz, complete with a long-overdue Eg White songwriting reunion. Gimme the album already!

And from this week…

X – Jonas Brothers feat. Karol G: The perfect chaser for the solid What A Man Gotta Do; X will likely feature in multiple “What’s The Song Of The Summer?!” pieces over the coming weeks. And, frankly, it’s deserved.

Daisies – Katy Perry: The lead single from ‘KP5’, Daisies is…. a bit low-key, actually? It’s a bit… ‘second half of Witness’? I do like it though!! Lots of That’s So Katy Perry flourishes; including the sweet pre-chorus and the go-get-’em lyrics.

Faded – Izzy Bizu: I heard this one by accident when I left Spotify’s NMF playlist running in the background for ages on Friday, and I’m pleased I did!! I’ve returned to it several times since.

Voices – Hurts: Never a bad thing to have Hurts back, is it?

Let It Be – The Mamas: We’re in extremely similar territory to Move here; and while it’s obviously nowhere near as good as that would-be Eurovision fave, it’s still a very lovely ballpark to be in.

Good Guys – LANY: Much like The Mamas, LANY are in super familiar territory here, but it’s territory I really like, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Hear all these songs, and the rest of 2020’s finest, on the Spotify playlist.

Shaun Kitchener

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