Playlisted 2020, week 9: Welcome the fuck back, Gaga

 Playlisted 2020, week 9: Welcome the fuck back, Gaga

Right before we get going on the biggest and best new stuff of the week, I have made a FORMAL DECISION to exclude new singles from old albums, if that makes sense: this week Taylor Swift released the video for The Man and Harry Styles did the same of Falling; cementing both as Proper Singles from previously-released records. They may well end up in a best-of-the-year list come December! But as far as these weekly round-ups are concerned, I’m going to leave them out.

And as for the Eurovision output, I’ll deal with those in a separate BONUS POST nearer the time of the TV finals.

Anyway, only four new tracks are being added to the rolling Spotify playlist this week – you can follow it here.

Stupid Love – Lady Gaga

Is this song really properly amazing or does it just scratch an increasingly noticeable itch for a Gaga-helmed pop belter? I’m not sure, but right now I don’t really care: Stupid Love is obviously not as forward-thinking as the likes of Bad Romance and Born This Way, but it is a shot of effervescent joy; the likes of which we haven’t heard from this God-tier popstar for a very long time. An energetic earworm crafted to perfection by masterminds including Gaga, Bloodpop and Max Martin, it’s been on Repeat One all weekend.

Spotlight – Jessie Ware

To be honest, I haven’t #connected with this as instantly as I did with Overtime and Adore You, but Jessie’s super cool disco-tinged new era – now solidified by the announcement of an album later this year – is still very, very exciting. I love the use of strings on this, and the video is gorge.

Boyfriend – Mabel

I’m always here for a Kamille-penned bop, and Boyfriend is another great addition to Mabel’s growing repertoire. It’s got a lot in common sonically with the still-pretty-big Don’t Call Me Up, so it’s hard to get too excited by it – but it’s still slick enough to warrant some repeat listens.

La vita nuova – Christine and the Queens feat. Caroline Polachek

Look, Christine x Caroline was never going to end badly, was it? Both must be protected!!!

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