Playlisted 2020, week 4: Hayley Williams is para…MOUNT! Get it

 Playlisted 2020, week 4: Hayley Williams is para…MOUNT! Get it

A quiet week this week, isn’t it. January has delivered a wealth of solid, if largely unspectacular bops so far (makes sense; it has been exceptionally long), but this week the quantity of viable gems has dwindled – even if the good stuff is genuinely great.

Basically what I’m saying is I could only be arsed to add three more songs to the 2020 playlist.

Here they are. Follow the rolling playlist here (it’s also at the bottom of the page).

Simmer – Hayley Williams

How lovely that this is produced and co-written by Hayley’s Paramore bandmate Taylor York. Supportive!!

Hayley has struck out on her own very rarely before (to great success: Stay The Night and Airplanes say hello!!) but this is the first time she’s doing it for a Full Era, and it’s a bold and intriguing start. I love the vocals on this, and the way the whole thing feels like it’s literally simmering; always one tiny nudge away from giving way to full-blown thrashing anger. But, as Hayley says in the opening line, “rage is a quiet thing”, and its less is more approach to vitriol is fantastic.

This song isn’t very ~me at all but I absolutely have to stan.

Boring People – L Devine

How is this so catchy and infectious despite being so… mundane? Flat? Deadpan? Intentionally, of course – the production and vocal delivery is perfectly matched to its lyrics about the tedium of day-to-day life, and this could, with the right exposure, finally give “L” her big breakthrough hit.

Worst of You – Emmi Elliott

There’s a massive chorus on this; the best (only?) straightforward pop belter of the week. Confronting a grade-A douchebag who needs to “do better” in their future romances, it’s the first song of Emmi’s I’ve heard, and I’ll be keeping an ear out for her future stuff.

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