Playlisted 2020, week 31: Sip the sangria with Jordin

 Playlisted 2020, week 31: Sip the sangria with Jordin

Into the eighth month of this fucking weird year, and there are eight – yes, eight! – new songs being added to my rolling 2020 playlist this week. Check it out on Spotify here.

Jordan Sparks – Red Sangria: Ahead of a new EP release later this month, Jordin follows Unknown with this super fun and confident track, full of character and little sparky(!) flourishes. It’s the most outwardly upbeat she has sounded on record for a while, and it’s catchy as hell. I really love it.

The Vamps – Married In Vegas: I always forget how many bops The Vamps have, and they have a lot: Wake Up! Somebody To You! Last Night! This one’s really great too; equipped with instantly memorable hooks and a stadium-sized chorus. The Night & Day era seemed to drag, and I thought they lost a bit of their ~edge with it… but they’re firing on all cylinders again here.

The Knocks & MUNA – Bodies: There’s *always* time for new MUNA. Bodies – despite its central lyric about “bodies in the basement” – isn’t about murder; rather, looking back fondly on a special time. In a basement. It’s really good.

Griff – Say It Again: This one hit my radar courtesy of the PopJustice NMF playlist and it’s a perfect laid-back, sway-a-long bop for this hot weather. The vocals perfectly suit this relatively stripped-back production, and I can see myself coming back to it a lot.

Yorke – Gravity: Whenever I see a pop song with a runtime of more-or-less exactly 3 minutes, my first thought is ‘could this do Eurovision?’. In the case of Gravity, the answer is ‘probably!’. It’s a really cute, fizzy pop song with a gloriously unchallenging chorus and big replay value.

Melanie C – In and Out of Love: Mel’s current dance-pop era continues to deliver, with another smart, personality-packed gem. This one’s not quite as *chef’s kiss* as Blame It On Me, but it is a less-is-more corker – and her latest hot streak continues.

Ella Eyre – Careless: Honestly I’m still reeling from the fact that New Me didn’t take off, but this is Ella’s best single since then – a slick little number about scolding yourself for letting outsiders’ judgements get under the skin.

Foxes – Woman: Remember when Katy Perry released Never Worn White, and it was very much a case of ‘wow this is gorgeous, I’m just not sure I’ll ever listen to it again’? That’s the same kind of energy Woman is leaving me with, but it’s performed very powerfully and I continue to wish nothing but the absolute best for this undervalued pop genius.

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