Playlisted 2020, week 29: Chick it out

 Playlisted 2020, week 29: Chick it out

It’s definitely a strong week for albums (The Chicks, The Aces and Ellie Goulding all on fine form in that department) but what of the singles? Have a little looksee at what’s being added to my rolling 2020 playlist below.

Of course, you can find said playlist on Spotify here.

The Chicks – Sleep At Night: I’m coming to The Chicks extremely late, given that this is their first new era in 14 years and my taste was (even more) basic back in 2006. I’ve loved the first few singles from Gaslighter but this is its best cut yet, I think: on paper its lyrics are scathing, but in execution it’s also deeply vulnerable and stained with pure, raw heartbreak. Love it.

Capulets – You, Me & Her: This latest nugget from Xenomania HQ is a properly addictive little summery jam, buoyed by those disco vibes and Sarah Thompson’s lovely vocals. Did you know Florrie is a member of this trio? I didn’t!

Troye Sivan – Easy: As decent as Take Yourself Home was, I don’t think I ever went back to it after that first weekend. It’s already a different story for the deceptively angsty Easy, which I’ve sought out several times since it dropped midweek last week. Made solely by Troye with Oscar Gorres (Marina, 5SOS, the new Ellie and Lauv track), it’s a very promising glimpse of what’s to come on his summer EP.

NOTD feat. Nina Nesbitt – Cry Dancing: TEARS ON THE DANCEFLOOR ALERT! The second decent Ninabanger in as many weeks, Cry Dancing is a great late-night-feelings tune that I hope will pick up some decent streaming numbers.

Tinashe – Rascal (Superstar): I love the little touches on this, like those soprano backing vocals and that little synth detail that sounds a bit like that quieter part of the Big Brother theme. Tinashe continues to triumph on her own terms.

Ally Brooke & Messiah – 500 Veces: Miss Ally returns with a bilingual bop for summer! She’s been quietly delivering plenty of lowkey (literally, in one case) gems since the Fifth Harmony disbandment, and long may she continue tbh!!!

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