Playlisted 2020, week 27: What you Seeb is what you get

 Playlisted 2020, week 27: What you Seeb is what you get

Excuse the lateness on this week’s round-up, but there is some decent stuff out this week – if nothing particularly incredible. Can you believe we’re into the second half of the year now? Christ.

As ever, you can keep up with the rolling 2020 playlist on Spotify here.

Seeb feat. Julie Bergan – Don’t You Wanna Play?: Seeb’s Dagny collaboration, Drink About, remains a running favourite of mine; and the duo’s version of Delicate is probably my favourite Taylor Swift remix. So it makes sense that Don’t You Wanna Play? is a massive tune – it’s only 2:18 in length, it’s got a great vocal turn from Julie Bergan, and the chorus is – obviously – giant.

Joel Corry feat. MNEK – Head and Heart: Don’t know where I’ve been vis-à-vis Joel Corry, given his hits have tens of millions of Spotify plays (and two have gone Top 10 in the UK), but I do know a solid MNEK banger when I hear it, and it’s so good to have his vocals back in my ears. Stream Language!

The Veronicas – Biting My Tongue: This sounds like a solid 75% of all other songs I’ve liked over the past few years, which on the one hand means it’s a guaranteed bop, but on the other hand mean it’s…. not especially distinctive. Still ticks a lot of the trusted Veronica boxes, though: angsty lyrics, good hook, yearning vocals… it’ll do nicely for now.

ABISHA – One Night: Tinged with nostalgia, sadness and loneliness (the trinity!), One Night’s strength is in its low-key nature: the production is lush and the vocals are perfectly delivered; emotionally impactful but never even slightly over-wrought. A win!

Ellie Goulding feat. Lauv – Slow Grenade: I didn’t think I was that bothered about a new Ellie album but Power was decent, Worry About Me was a stealthy earworm, and this… well, it’s become a big grower over the weekend. Whereas I found it a bit disjointed on first listen, I’ve kept going back to it and, whadyaknow, it’s really clicked! Maybe, despite earlier fears, EG4 will be decent after all.

Hannah Jane Lewis – Me Without You: I’m a long-time HJL stan; Last Night Every Night and Raincheck both being solid 10/10 bops. This is different – it’s a reigned in piano ballad – but it’s really gorgeous. If you want a little dose of RAW FEELINGS, look no further.

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