Playlisted 2020, week 16: I love sports!!

 Playlisted 2020, week 16: I love sports!!

Contrary to last week – which was almost completely bereft, BEREFT, of decent new stuff – this week’s haul is slightly more bountiful.

Yes, some artists with strong track records are back in action but missing the mark a tad (I haven’t added the new Phoebe Ryan, Lawson or Lauren Jauregui singles to the rolling 2020 playlist); but a handful of others have delivered the goods. Let’s dive in – and follow that 2020 playlist here.

I’m Ready – Sam Smith and Demi Lovato

I love sports now!!! Sam and Demi take us to the queer Olympics with this duet, which feels like it’s been years in the making (remember when Sam first stanned Fix A Heart? Taste!!!).

First thing’s first; the video is an absolute triumph – I absolutely love the use of colour and light, and of course the sight of so many beaut queer people being amazing. As for the song, it’s grown on me – I liked it from the first listen but felt a bit like it ended before it really got going. Still, I’ve continued to indulge in it: Sam and Demi sing it beautifully (without shattering glass unnecessarily) and it’s my favourite song from either of them since Dancing With A Stranger and Solo respectively.

Bad Friend – Rina Sawayama

Now I don’t usually include individual songs from new albums in my new music round-up, but Bad Friend came out two days earlier than the rest of the record and is listed on Wikipedia as a single, so… it’s in!

Rina – strong contender for the most exciting popstar of 2020 – once again pulls off the perfect balance of lyrics, melody and vocal delivery. Bad Friend, apparently her favourite track from the album, is a disarmingly honest admission of one’s failings as a friend, and – yes! – it really does name-drop Carly Rae Jepsen. Another winner!

I Dare You – Kelly Clarkson

My ALL TIME FAVOURITE singer blesses us with a brand new song to tide us over in these appalling times, and it is SO FUCKING GOOD to hear those soaring vocals let loose again.

Is the song one of her best? No!! Not by a long shot. But it’s got a lovely sentiment, it’s produced nicely enough and, again, Kelly’s voice is its strongest asset. The multilingual versions (in which Kelly herself even sings in the different respective languages) are also worth checking out. The French one’s my favourite.

Animals – Jack Wins feat. Caitlyn Scarlett

A banger with a DISCO PIANO!!!

Coffee – Kelly Rowland

As with the Kelly Clarkson song, this won’t go down as one of K-Row’s best – but A) the VIDEO!!! Whew!!!, and B) it’s still a slick, chilled-out gem that I’ll definitely be returning to. The Kellys just keep on winning.

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