Playlisted 2020, week 15: Just two (2) new bangers to speak of

 Playlisted 2020, week 15: Just two (2) new bangers to speak of

Perhaps the release slate was already bare because people were bracing for Gaga; or perhaps – more likely – we’re now seeing the result of everything shutting down for obvious reasons. But in any case, there are only two truly replay-worthy bops being added to my rolling 2020 playlist this week; the lowest number since the very first week of the year 🙁

I did think about chucking in the likes of Charli XCX, The Aces and Moyka but will I realistically keep going back to those songs? Prolly not. The two I have added are good, though! Here they are. And as ever, you can follow said playlist on Spotify here.

Crave – Kiesza

Earning my VERY PRESTIGIOUS ACTUALLY ‘best new song of the week’ title for the second time in 2020, Kiesza is back with another exhilaratingly upbeat pop song that gives me all the hands-aloft happy feelings I’ve been craving. To think I wasn’t that fussed about her when she was properly ~mainstream with Hideaway! To THINK!

Boyfriend – Selena Gomez

The most high-profile of the new songs added to Selena’s Rare re-release, Boyfriend is a fun, cheeky little bop! The kind of fun and cheeky that actually wouldn’t have gone amiss on the original ‘LP’, but it’s here now. This is good territory for Selena; I like it when she’s winking to camera a bit (as in the little moments like the Hands To Myself “I mean I could but…”, or the toast reference on Rare) and this kind of bonus treat is perfect for These Trying Times.

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