Playlisted 2020, week 12: All the best new Coronabops

 Playlisted 2020, week 12: All the best new Coronabops

A thought: is it inevitable that, in a few weeks’ time, new music will start to become a bit sparse? Like, not only because artists will run out of stockpiled material, but because they’ll want to postpone their big new releases until this hellscape has died down (Lady Gaga: STEP AWAY FROM POSTPONEMENT)? It probably is, isn’t it?

Anyway, here are the five new songs I’m adding to the rolling 2020 playlist, here. Remember I’ve decided against plucking out individual tracks from new albums UNLESS they’re being serviced as singles, which is why there’s no The Weeknd. But what there is is:

I’m Coming – Tove Lo

Under-rated should-be-God-tier bop machine Tove Lo has covered Veronica Maggio’s Jag Kommer for some Spotify-exclusive thing, and I’m not sure to what extent you can count this as a Proper Single but it’s so fucking good, it’s on the list anyway. Those synths, those topline melodies, those yearning vocals… exactly what I need at this exact moment.

Healing – Arlissa

This is the same Arlissa who released that enormous tune Sticks and Stones back in 2013, right? The enormous tune which is, unforgivably, not on Spotify…? This song is such a delight: those extra soothing backing vocals towards the end are angelic, and the voice!!! The voice is amazing. An excellent wistfulbanger for these uncertain times.

Addicted to Blue – Grace Davies

After the hugely promising Invisible earlier this year, Grace lifts the tempo slightly for this beautifully sung, expertly produced midtempo gem. Lauren Aquilina – another of my faves – has a co-writing credit, and I’m very excited to see how the rest of Grace’s upcoming EP plays out.

Paper Moons – Josef Salvat

The production on these latest Josef songs has been absolutely gorgeous, hasn’t it?!!? Melodically I find Paper Moons slightly less… hook-y(?) than his other recent output, but his indisputable hot streak continues apace. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

Who I Am – Melanie C

After last year’s Sink The Pink hook-up High Heels, Sporty’s still very much in dancefloor territory on Who I Am; the kind of reflective, comfortable-in-my-own-skin bop that’s more than welcome from someone with this much legacy behind them. Is it a bit on the basic side? Yes! But y’know what? At this point Melanie can do whatever she goddamn wants.

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