Petition for Lady Gaga to release scrapped ARTPOP sequel reaches 30,000 signatures

 Petition for Lady Gaga to release scrapped ARTPOP sequel reaches 30,000 signatures

30,000 fans have now signed a petition asking for Lady Gaga and/or her label to release the scrapped sequel to her 2013 opus ARTPOP.

The record has always been divisive in the wider world, but there’s a very definite chunk of the Gaga fanbase that adores it – and it was initially planned to be the first part of a two-part project; with Gaga saying in 2013 that she had “a lot of songs for Act 2”. In 2014 she was again quoted as saying there was a “strong possibility’ she’d release a second volume, but she never did.

Now, fans want to hear it.

A petition has been doing the rounds after producer DJ White Shadow suggested the creation of one – and it’s now had upwards of 30k signatures. Comments include my personal favourite, “my gay friend asked me to”.

The petition’s blurb reads: “The 2013 album ARTPOP by Lady Gaga was a smash among fans. It combined pop music and art to create something new and unheard. Now, 8 years later, fans are still clamoring for the next volume of her fourth studio album.

“During the late first quarter of 2021, DJWS—a main producer of the fourth studio album—responded to a fan asking if we’ll ever be able to hear the infamous ACT II. DJWS responded with, ‘Gotta petition Gaga on that one’. So, we did.

“In remembrance of album’s 10 year anniversary, let’s band together to show our support for ARTPOP and the unreleased volume by collecting as many signatures as we can in order to show the Haus of Gaga that we still care about the experimental album and that chart success does not matter. #UWontUseMyMind”.

Check it out here if you so wish.

Shaun Kitchener

Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.