New Music Friday: Sophie and the Giants, Rita, Dua… and the United Kingdolls

 New Music Friday: Sophie and the Giants, Rita, Dua… and the United Kingdolls

Pleasingly, a lot of blockbuster names have released new music to keep us entertained at the end of an INCREDIBLY GODDAMN COLD week – and of course they’re all being outsold by a marvellous quartet of drag queens, but don’t let stop you from checking them out.

My personal fave after the first couple of listens is from Sophie And The Giants – Right Now is a real uplifting, fists-in-the-air anthem; and I don’t know how many times I say “it’s just what we need in these dark times!!!!” nowadays but if the boot fits!!

I don’t know what the appetite is like for an absolute belter from Rita Ora right now, but we’ve got one: with production from Imanbek and David Guetta, Big – which also features Gunna – more than lives up to its name; and I already know it’s going to have enormous repeat-one value. That ‘lobby’/’trolley’ couplet? Glorious!

Elsewhere, Dua Lipa has brought out the extended edition of Future Nostalgia, led by new single We’re Good. This definitely feels more ‘first album Dua’ than ‘disco-era Dua’ but it’s still a great little song and will likely be a reasonable-sized hit.

On top of that, we have joan and BEKA teaming up on the dreamy Brokenhearted (Together), Kelly Rowland putting out another gem in the form of Black Magic, Leah Nobel releasing Beginning Middle End from the new To All The Boys… movie, and Gabrielle‘s new single Stop Right Now from her upcoming album.

Oh, and the United Kingdolls from Drag Race UK obviously.

Haven’t included Love Story (Taylor’s Version) from Taylor Swift because, well, it’s not a new song – but I’m really excited to hear her re-recordings of her old stuff over the next few months.

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