New Music Friday: NORMANI! Caroline! Willow x Avril! More!

 New Music Friday: NORMANI! Caroline! Willow x Avril! More!

It’s been a few weeks since my last NMF blog; partly because I didn’t have the time, partly because… well, maybe nothing was truly exciting enough to make me find the time?! (Actually that’s not fair – the Kelly Rowland ‘Finally’ cover? Self Esteem and Tinashe last week? Stunners!).

Anyway, back to business this week – and the obvious headliner is Wild Side, the long-long-long awaited new single from Normani. She enlists Cardi B for a guest verse, and the song – complete with those angelic BVs – is brilliant, but it’s the video (the fucking VIDEO!!!) that truly ascends it to God-tier status. Look! At! It!!!

Elsewhere, Caroline Polachek returns with the brilliantly-produced Bunny Is A Rider and I’m extremely ready for her next ~era. CHVRCHES‘ Good Girls is maybe my favourite song from their recent output; and Willow has teamed up with Avril Lavigne for G R O W. Willow’s really low-key smashing 2021, isn’t she?

Shakira is back with the strut-a-long-able Don’t Wait Up; Baby Queen‘s put out another smash, called You Shaped Hole; and LANY continue the lead-up to their new album with Up To Me.

Listen to it all on the rolling 2021 playlist below, or here.

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