New Music Friday: Natasha Bedingfield! Bastille! Willow! More!

 New Music Friday: Natasha Bedingfield! Bastille! Willow! More!

It’s not the loudest or most exciting New Music Friday this week but we do have a handful of really likeable new songs to pick through – starting with Natasha Bedingfield.

I really enjoyed lots of her 2019 album Roll With Me and she put out a decent bop for a kids’ film last year, but this latest song – Lighthearted – is my favourite of hers for YEARS. Co-written and produced by pop giant Wayne Wilkins, it’s a dreamy, easy-going track that lives up to its name perfectly.

Elsewhere, Florrie‘s continuing her impressive run of midtempo gems with Street Lights, reminiscent of the likes of Tegan and Sara. And Ed Sheeran is back. Now, I’m usually not actually averse to giving an Ed Sheeran single a spin (it’s the sheer scale of his popularity that bemuses me, rather than the music itself) so I was really open to Bad Habit being a bit of a tune. And it’s not bad! But it just kind of… meanders a bit, doesn’t it? Sure it’ll be a huge hit – maybe it’ll be a grower as it becomes inescapable.

WILLOW follows t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l with Lipstick, another great, angst-filled ROCK moment with a marvellously delivered vocal; Bastille are back with Distorted Light Beam (check out Ryan Tedder on the credits – between this and the Jessie J banger, he’s certainly back on form); and LANY have put out dancing in the kitchen, which sounds very… LANY. Luckily I like LANY.

Get the rolling 2021 playlist below, or here.

Shaun Kitchener

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