New Music Friday: Florrie! LOVA! Ellie! More!

 New Music Friday: Florrie! LOVA! Ellie! More!

This week’s New Music Friday is pleasingly fruitful: not much in terms of big blockbusters (I won’t entertain the Jason Derulo x Adam Levine collab, I just won’t!), but plenty of returning favourites and new-ish discoveries to keep your ears ticking over.

My breakout fave of the week is from Florrie. Her latest track Garden – released by Xenomania – is a properly gorgeous little song for this shitshow of a January, and it’s the song I’ve been replaying most this morning.

Also great: I’m not sure if it’s an official single but Dance For The Hell Of It by LOVA (pictured) is being pushed on Sweden’s Spotify NMF playlist as her (highly enjoyable!) debut album Grown-ish is released. I was saying last week that I’m enjoying the recent low-key resurgence of pop-rock, and this is another really good example. It’s like the best, more thoughtful elements of Katy Perry’s One Of The Boys era, but more 2021-y.

The Ellie Goulding x Silk City tune is a stunner, Griff has put out another gem in the form of Black Hole, and Ruti – the best ever winner of The Voice UK! – has independently released a reaaaally lush song called My Sunrise.

KAMILLE steps back into the spotlight as a performer with absurdly addictive S1mba collaboration AYO!, Slayyyter has returned with big belter Troubled Paradise, and apparently this new Sabrina Carpenter ditty is a clapback at Olivia Rodrigo over Drivers License. Oh, and ELIO has released her Can You Hear Me Now? EP, complete with the excellent Charger.

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