New Music Friday: Cher Lloyd! Coldplay x Max Martin! Slayyyter! RAY BLK! More!

 New Music Friday: Cher Lloyd! Coldplay x Max Martin! Slayyyter! RAY BLK! More!

To be honest I haven’t really stopped listening to the new version of Little Mix’s Confetti in the last seven days, so it’s nice to have a new influx of musique to keep the ears occupied. Strap in…

An early contender for my fave of the week comes from Imanbek and Cher Lloyd. Imanbek recently made the extremely good (and slept-on) Rita Ora EP, and Cher’s also been putting out consistently strong bops over the last couple of years. Baddest never fully explodes into full-on banger territory, but actually it’s all the better for it: it has a really satisfying sense of foreboding and ~moodiness about it. It’s a hit!

Elsewhere, Coldplay have teamed up with Max Martin for the first time. I have always been open to a decent Coldplay bop (I do think a lot of ~serious music types give them flowers for things that actual popstars do just as well, if not better, but that doesn’t mean I do not enjoy them!) – and Higher Power is a really nice, shimmering little song.

Little Simz has teamed up with Cleo Sol for the excellent Woman, Slayyyter has put out the rocky Over This, RAY BLK puts her gorgeous voice to excellent use on Dark Skinned, and P!nk has released the title track from her upcoming live project All I Know So Far.

Finally, BEKA‘s new EP is out, featuring the de facto lead single Green Lights, and there’s a bit of nifty boypop from Reiss Meister on Me, Myself & I.

Catch the full 2021 playlist below, or here.

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