New Music Friday (belated): Hayley Kiyoko! Jessie Ware! Bimini! More!

 New Music Friday (belated): Hayley Kiyoko! Jessie Ware! Bimini! More!

This week’s New Music Friday round-up is coming to you a day late because A) I was super busy yesterday, and B) …I guess I just wasn’t especially excited by anything that came out 🤷 There’s still a few very good tracks in this week’s crop, though, so bear with:

Hayley Kiyoko is back with another lovely, queer bop – Chance is a great start to Pride Month, and another wonderful, destined-to-be-underrated addition to her repertoire.

Jessie Ware continues the build-up to the re-release of What’s Your Pleasure with another new single, Hot N Heavy; another fabulously sleek disco-esque jam. Calvin Harris returns with the help of Tom Grennan for a safe summer banger by the name of By Your Side, and Lauren Aquilina continues to deliver the goods with her new song Empathy.

Finally, Bimini has released God Save This Queen; a witty, rocky track that’s definitely among the better singles recorded by Drag Race grads. Great vid too. Give them the world!

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