That Netflix Eurovision movie now has a trailer 😬

 That Netflix Eurovision movie now has a trailer 😬

Will Ferrell’s Eurovision movie for Netflix finally has a trailer; after its initial release date was nudged back.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga now has a confirmed drop-date of June 26, and you can get a feel for what we’re in for below.

The initial fear was that this movie would take the piss out of ESC rather than send it up affectionately; and while the good news is that it seems to have been made in good spirits, it doesn’t… necessarily… look…. that…. great?

But hey, I STAN Rachel McAdams, Will Ferrell seems like a lovely man, and we’ve got sod-all else to watch, haven’t we, so let’s KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

Shaun Kitchener

Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.