Kelly Clarkson is thriving

 Kelly Clarkson is thriving

God, it’s exhausting being a pop stan sometimes. It’s an unwritten law that for every beloved-by-the-gays act who succeeds, there are another ten who are flopping/being dropped/going through creative turmoil/charting at No1038/being unconscionably problematic.

That’s why it’s SO GOOD when an all-time legend is, instead, fucking thriving.

And ladies, Kelly Clarkson is fucking thriving.

Today she’s announced a new Las Vegas residency for 2020; delivering the news on her new talkshow – reported recently to be one of the big breakout hits of the 2019/20 TV season in the US.

Add to that the fact that she’s still doing great on the US version of The Voice, and that it’s now November 1 and we’re legally allowed to start streaming the hell out of Wrapped In Red again (I started the promo for this back in June, don’t worry lads), Kelly is going through – yet another! – fantastic era of her 17-year career.

The Kelly Clarkson Show – which has a big focus on inclusivity and includes a performance segment called ‘Kellyoke’ in every episode – began in September and currently ranks fourth among all daytime talk programmes in the country. With 1.9 million viewers, it trails only Dr. Phil, Live With Kelly And Ryan and The Ellen DeGeneres Show; and it’s ahead of Maury, The Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray.

Media analyst Bill Carroll tells CNN Business that a show of this kind hasn’t been “this successful in quite a number of years.”

They added: “At a time where daytime programming on broadcast is competing with cable and streaming and on demand, this is a special and unique situation.

“Clarkson being in fourth place is notable in the sense that the show has had a breakthrough.”

Now, she’s following in the recent footsteps of Gaga, J-Lo, Celine and Britney; and heading to Vegas.

Announcing Kelly Clarkson: Invincible, which begins on April 1, she said: “I have so many jobs going on right now and they all involve me being located in L.A. I love everything I’m doing, but the one thing that bummed me out was that I am so busy I’m not able to tour.

“Vegas was the perfect option for me to still be able to do shows and play music and see the fans.”

Per Billboard, the show will have only 16 performances (for the time being, at least); with dates scattered across April, July, August and September.

“We literally could only fit in the amount of dates that are available because my schedule is so crazy but I hope to have more dates in the future,” she added.

Kelly released her first album under a new record deal back in 2017. Meaning of Life received strong reviews and charted at No2 in the US (No11 in the UK) but didn’t really yield any big hit singles – and as such is now one of those albums that’s wheeled out for “you slept on this!!!” tweets every couple of months or so.

So it’s great now to see her well and truly back, entering a new (albeit very different) phase of her career with massive aplomb.

Don’t get me wrong, the longing for new music is growing – and good grief, it feels like we’ve been waiting for UK tour dates for TWO MILLION YEARS.

But there’s really nothing better than seeing a wholesome fave getting the success she deserves.

Shaun Kitchener

Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.