The recent Katy Perry singles that are (and aren’t) on the new album

 The recent Katy Perry singles that are (and aren’t) on the new album

Last year she made a deliberate point of releasing a slew of singles rather than a whole-ass album, but Katy Perry is finally readying her fifth major label studio ‘set’: Smile is out on August 14, with the title track out today.

(There’s something about knowing a Katy Perry album is en route that feels kind of… nostalgic, doesn’t it? Which is strange, considering she’s still very Active, but maybe it’s to do with how the music landscape has changed in the last decade. I digress.)

Given that Daisies was billed as its “lead single”, does that mean all the standalone releases that came before it have been jettisoned; destined to spend eternity as era-less one-offs?

Not quite: early glimpses at the partially-revealed tracklisting confirm that – mercifully – Never Really Over is on the album. And it’s Track 1, no less!!

Makes sense: not only is it the greatest song of 2019, it’s the only one of Katy’s recent singles that has even come close to the success she was managing a few years ago: 392 million streams on Spotify versus, for example, 51 million for Daisies. It’s also her last Top 20 hit on either side of the Atlantic.

Harleys In Hawaii is also on there, it seems – probably more for Katy being a fan of it herself than anything, given that it missed the Top 100 in the US and failed to hit the Top 40 over here.

As for Small Talk or Never Worn White: it seems they’ve been hastily forgotten, unless they’re going to be tacked-on as bonus tracks (sidebar: I know I’m in a minority here but I really liked Small Talk!!).

Smile’s out on August 14. Katy’s last three albums all peaked at No1 in the US, so I FOR ONE will be really interested to see how well this one does without any new turbo-charged singles behind it.

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