Katy Perry aces again with Small Talk

 Katy Perry aces again with Small Talk

I just read a review of the new Katy Perry song that called it an “unprecedented bore”, and while I do have a habit of instantly loving songs before swiftly realising they’re shit, I’m really into Small Talk so far. IS IT JUST ME?!

Charlie Puth is, as expected, among the co-writers and producers for this one; which has some pleasing topline flourishes and also makes the absolute most of one of pop’s greatest pleasures: Katy Perry’s flip to Head Voice (remember the “yeah yyyOU” bits in Hot’n’Cold?!). It’s also the second great song of this title so far this year!

Basically this is my favourite two-in-a-row from Katy for bloody ages (in fact… when was the last time she started an era with two brilliant songs? Has she ever? Because I was not into I Kissed A Girl or California Gurls).

Listen to Small Talk here and see what you think:

Shaun Kitchener


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