Jessie J doesn’t think she’s ever bested her first album – but her new music might

 Jessie J doesn’t think she’s ever bested her first album – but her new music might

Jessie J has spoken about the new music she’s been making, indicating that it’s the first time she thinks she can top 2011’s Who You Are.

The debut collection was a huge global success, and Jessie also thinks it houses the best material of her career (er, Wild and Thunder say hi!).

Now, she’s told the Billboard Pop Shop podcast that the new material she’s making (with – excitingly – Ryan Tedder producing) might finally set a new personal best.

“The challenge of beating [Who You Are] is the hardest thing. And I haven’t,” she said.

“Bang Bang [which featured Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj] nearly got there… ‘I can hang out with you at a party,’ these songs can say to the old songs.”

Of said new stuff, she teased: “There’s a lot of honesty in there, because obviously I’ve lived a lot of life that people want to know about.

“I’ve always been controversial without being offensive. I like to stand on the edge but not fall off. I like to bleed out and make people stand in the middle of their fucking shit, good and bad, as I do that for myself.”

Jessie’s commercial success has definitely waned a little in recent years, with her last two albums – 2018’s R.O.S.E. and This Christmas Day – both failing to chart. But she has absolutely no problem with being labelled ‘underrated’ as a result.

“I love that people still call me underrated,” she said. “I don’t need to be the biggest thing in the room.

“I want to be the truest thing and the realest.”

Her new material doesn’t have a release date as yet.

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