Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman sashays away from Canada’s Drag Race

 Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman sashays away from Canada’s Drag Race

It’s official: Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is not returning for season two of Canada’s Drag Race.

The first cycle of the RuPaulless spin-off – which aired on BBC Three in the UK last summer – was a big hit with its winsome cast, but the judging panel was less well received. Stacey McKenzie was rightly adored, but Brooke Lynn Hytes had some pushback for some ostensibly harsh comments, and Jeffrey was intensely slammed to the point where it ultimately veered into trolling and bullying. He deleted his Twitter, and contestants from across the franchise told fans to back off.

Now, Brooke Lynn has confirmed that JBC won’t be back for season two, citing a scheduling conflict.

“Unfortunately, our third will not be joining us this season,” she said on Insta. “He’s filming his new show. He’s busy, he’s booked, and he’s getting paid, and, unfortunately, with scheduling, things just didn’t work out for him to come back this season. He’ll be so missed.”

I do hope he hasn’t quit because of the backlash – he certainly wasn’t the most at-ease of hosts, but in my opinion he really grew into it as the season progressed, and the unscripted moments where he was just chatting with the queens felt way more comfortable.

Priyanka, the winner of season one, previously told EW: “Jeffrey is the sweetest and was so invested in our growth and gave us great advice. Of course, you want to see the shady comments from the judges because that’s what makes for good TV! It doesn’t mean that he’s a bad judge and an awful human being and should go kill himself. They [fans] have to be nicer to people and stop being so evil!”

There’s no word on whether someone will replace him or if they’ll just keep to their existing rotating-head-judge format (which I quite liked, tbh). But for now, Stacey has promised that the upcoming run will be “major”.

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