Eurovision odds: Four countries are extremely tight at the top

 Eurovision odds: Four countries are extremely tight at the top

We’re now – finally – into Eurovision month; so time perhaps to check-in with the bookies and see who the frontrunners are at this crucial stage.

I’ve had half an eye on all the odds since January, when barely any of the songs had been released – and it’s been interesting to see how much (and in some cases, how little) the rankings have shifted since the different tracks have been put out into the wild.

With the majority of different bookmakers, Malta’s Destiny remains the one to beat, though it’s incredibly close. She’s at 3/1 with several companies, according to Oddschecker. If you want more #stats, Je me casse has 1.2 million streams on Spotify and the video has 5.4 million plays on YouTube.

Currently in second place is France’s Barbara Pravi with Voilà. Compared to Destiny, she has a fraction of the video views (1.2 million) but more Spotify streams (3.9 million). She’s on 4/1 with some bookies and 9/2 (4.5/1) with others.

Tout l’Univers by Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears follows in third; with 5/1 odds from several different bookies. That song has 2.4 million video views and 2.1 million Spotify streams as things stand.

And in fourth place, with 6/1 odds (5/1 from a couple), it’s Italy’s MÃ¥neskin with Zitti E Buoni. The rockier number is already a big hit in the group’s homeland and as such has far, far more Spotify streams than its closest competition (24 million). The video has 1.5 million streams on the official Eurovision channel but 19 million on the band’s own. It’s already gone Platinum in Italy – it’ll be interesting to see how it rates with the rest of Europe.

After those four, the odds become a bit more spaced out – last year’s would-be champ Dadi Freyr for Iceland is a distant fifth on around 14/1, about level with former favourite Victoria for Bulgaria.

Lithuania (The Roop‘s Discotheque, 18/1), Sweden (Tusse‘s Voices, 18/1), Cyprus (Elena Tsagrinou‘s El Diablo, 25/1), and Norway (TIX‘s Fallen Angel, 25/1) complete the top 10.

The United Kingdom are, in what will be a surprise for few, miles away from being any sort of threat – our most generous odds are 100/1. James Newman‘s Embers has 1 million video plays and 1.3 million Spotify streams (which, to be fair, is marginally more than favourite Destiny).

Ireland’s Lesley Roy is just behind on around 150/1 – Maps has 964k views on YouTube and 983k streams on Spotify at present.

Shaun Kitchener

Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.