Eurovision floods the UK chart: Måneskin, Daði Freyr, James Newman and plenty more

 Eurovision floods the UK chart: Måneskin, Daði Freyr, James Newman and plenty more

Eurovision has made a pleasing impact on the UK charts this week.

Winners Måneskin, firstly, have become the first winners since 2015 to pierce the Top 20 of the UK chart; and Zitti e Buoni is the first Italian song to make waves over here in 30 years. It’s No17 today.

On the former point, they top Jamala‘s 1944 (2016) which didn’t chart, that ‘real music’ bore who won for Portugal (2017) and got to No97, Netta‘s Toy (2018) which got to No49, and Duncan Laurence‘s Arcade – which tapped out at No67 at the time but surged into the Top 30 earlier this year thanks to TikTok. Last year’s assumed winner – Daði Freyr’s Think About Things – also nudged into the Top 40.

There’s other impressive Eurovision action further down: James Newman‘s Embers famously scored fuck all in Rotterdam but it is our highest charting UK entry since Molly in 2014; coming in at No47. Last year’s My Last Breath and Michael Rice‘s 2019 entry Bigger Than Us both failed to chart; while SuRie‘s Storm hit No50, Lucie Jones‘s Never Give Up On You made No73, Joe and Jake‘s You’re Not Alone reached No81 and Electro Velvet‘s Still In Love With You limped to No114.

Daði Freyr‘s 10 Years juuust outpaces James and comes in at No43, and there are plenty of other Eurovision stars further down: Ukraine’s Shum from Go_A is at No59, France’s Barbara Pravi is at No62 with Voila, another Maneskin track – I Wanna Be Your Slave – is at No83, Cyprus’s El Diablo from Elena Tsagrinou is at No86, and Swtizerland’s Gjon’s Tears with Tout L’Univers polls 93rd.

Several other entries, such as Sweden’s Tusse and Malta’s (LEGEND) Destiny, manage to hit the sales-only chart but not the overall Top 100.

See the whole Top 100 – which also includes a pleasing Top 10 bow for the new Little Mix bop – here.

Shaun Kitchener

Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.