Dua Lipa is going disco with her second album, so sign me up!!

 Dua Lipa is going disco with her second album, so sign me up!!

I haven’t managed to make myself a fully-fledged, no-holds-barred Dua Lipa fan just yet – I don’t know why, it might be that she’s had a sort of super cool ~vibe to her whole schtick and I’m like CAN’T RELATE – but it sounds like her second album could, to quote one of her own bops, be the one.

A really interesting new profile from The Face says she’ll be in a “disco-heavy” arena when she returns in the very near future, perhaps building on what the likes of Electricity started.

“It would prob­a­bly be risky if I wasn’t risky with the next record,” she said.

​“I don’t think it would be as fun if I tried to recre­ate the first record. As an artist, you con­stant­ly want to grow and change your per­spec­tive and try some­thing new.”

The two songs she played for writer Aimee Cliff are said to boast “vers­es [that] build to the point of ecsta­sy, before pulling a 180 into a sim­ple, yet super mem­o­rable chorus”.

“I feel like you could dance through the whole record,” Dua added. ​“There’s lots of nos­tal­gic ele­ments to it.

“There’s a sam­ple in there from the 1930s. It’s just a party.”

I really, really hope we’re coming out of pop’s current Cool Phase, yaknow – it felt like artists such as Dua were on the forefront of that, and while I can’t really fault much of her stuff (I love Be The One! I love Hotter Than Hell!), I haven’t managed to properly connect with her, and artists of that same ilk, just yet.

But if you’re taking me to the bloody DISCO, I’m all ears.

Shaun Kitchener


Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.