Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony is apparently doing X Factor All Stars

 Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony is apparently doing X Factor All Stars

Fifth Harmony were by far the most successful act to come from The X Factor USA, so it makes sense that one of its stars is seemingly returning for X Factor All Stars.

Dinah Jane – now the ripe old age of 22 – has struggled more than any other member of the defunct group to gain a solid footing as a solo star, so this could be very good for her: she really grew as a performer during the years 5H were active, and this could – could!! – develop her even further.

“Dinah has a record deal but this is a great chance to let people see who she really is. She will be good competition,” a source told The Sun.

X Factor Australia winner Samantha Jade is also said to be on board, along with Ray Quinn and – I’m not sure whether I really believe this one – Alexandra Burke(!!!).

X Factor All Stars could be very good if it isn’t just a load of Honey Gs and Wagners, so if they’re reaching out to the likes of Dinah and Samantha, count me in.

‘IMO’ they should also be chasing:

  • Misha B
  • Amelia Lily
  • Laura White
  • Only The Young
  • Tesco Mary
  • Kitty Brucknell
  • Sophie Habibis
  • Lauren Murray
  • Seann Miley Moore
  • That bloke from X Factor New Zealand from the DOPPELGANGER IN OUR MIDST!! incident
  • And in the interests of speeding up that next album, Rebecca Ferguson

Simon, Louis and… Paula Abdul are apparently the judges for the All Star series, which will come straight after the current Celebrity run.

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