Demi Lovato’s Anyone is a stark, brave return

 Demi Lovato’s Anyone is a stark, brave return

Following its tear-stained Grammy performance last night, Demi Lovato has formally returned to music with the release of Anyone.

The ballad is streaming and downloadable this morning across all the usual platforms in both explicit and clean form, and is currently No2 and No33 on US iTunes. It’s No38 on the UK one.

Recorded just four days(!) before her much-discussed suspected overdose, Anyone joins Skyscraper and Sober on the list of “whew, did nobody on her team see how bad things were?!” ballads in her repertoire. The vocals are almighty, the lyrics stark (“I feel stupid when I sing, nobody’s listening to me”) and the production kept strictly to one piano and one vocal track. For a big first-single-back from an artist as prolific as Demi, it’s quite remarkable.

It’s hard to figure out whether it will be a ~hit, or if that even matters: ballads are certainly viable (look at Lose You To Love Me!), but this feels different; like it’s not been selected as a lead comeback single because it’s radio-ready and widely accessible (it’s quite a difficult listen, in fact), but more because it’s a powerful piece of catharsis for Demi herself. Maybe this should be judged on ~emotional resonance~ rather than chart positions, and it’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here with her next couple of singles.

Shaun Kitchener

Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.